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Unrealistic Expectations and Geographic Surprises in Washington, DC

As all of my past half dozen or so trips to Washington, DC, have been for business, I’ve never had the time—no, I’ve never felt comfortable taking time from my appointed business mission—to visit the headquarters of the magazine that … Continue reading

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Community and Culture Survives and Thrives at Camp Lejeune

It has been 40 years since I was last immersed in the culture and community of the United States Marine Corps. At the time, I was a Navy photojournalist stationed on the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), an amphibious command and … Continue reading

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Sharing with Angels at Buffalo Trace Distillery

Ducking through the doorway hidden behind a faux bookshelf, a nod to a prohibition speakeasy, the tour at the Buffalo Trace Distillery stepped into the dim light of a three-story warehouse. It was filled with recumbent white oak virgins with … Continue reading

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Searching for Lost Years at Tefft Junior High School

Through a social media grapevine, my wife learned that Tefft Middle School would hold its golden anniversary rededication on September 26, 2015. Would I be interested in an overnight road trip to Streamwood, Illinois, to explore its hallways? Before I … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From a Reintroduction to My Former Self

Winnowing the detritus collected from early in life when its expiration date was an obtuse reality, I discovered keepsakes from what started as a practical adventure. A timeworn plastic frame surrounded the faded 4×5-inch Polaroid image of an almost 21-year-old … Continue reading

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Black & White Life and Legacy at Missouri Military Academy

MEXICO, MISSOURI—Missouri Military Academy fills a prominent place in my cranial archive. It was founded in 1889. I was its director of publications and public information from 1982, when I graduated from J-school, until 1989, the school’s centennial year. In … Continue reading

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Zumo Wrestling: Trial & Error for the Win

Garmin GPS units have been showing me the way since the company came to life in Olathe, south of Kansas City and my home in Parkville, a small town just across the Missouri River. I started with their aviation unit, … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned by Vagabondage’s Penultimate Evening

DUBUQUE, IOWA—Sitting on a concrete point poking into the Mississippi River, with a cigar and rye whiskey in hand, I’m sure Sam Clemons would approve of how I’m spent my last night on the road. Watching the moon rise and … Continue reading

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After Dancing All Day With Mother Nature, She Splits

SIOUX CITY, IOWA—After several good riding days that took us across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and most of Nebraska, Mother Nature decided that we’d had enough. Ed awoke first this morning. Seeing gray skies, he iPhoned the weather. A huge … Continue reading

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Casper Crossroads: Vagabondage Dinner Options

CASPER, WYOMING—As vagabonds have direction but no daily route or destination, lodging and where to have dinner is always in unknown. Last night, after inquiring at several lodgings, we got two of the last four rooms available in Idaho Falls, … Continue reading

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